My Workouts

I am currently in training as an athlete competing in the UKBFF Bikini 2013. My coach has me in the gym 5 days a week, weights and cardio. Gruelling workouts and strict diet & nutrition.
My official supplier of sports drinks and nutrition is Bio Synergy UK, and I am happy to be their new Brand Ambassador. I also am Brand Ambassador to Its Your Sole for sports performance socks, and flip soles. I love my green pair and will be receving the pink pair for my competition in August.


Sumo Squats – Get your Best Butt workouts for a Sexy Glutes. Rachel has been interviewed on her workouts and says “When I wear my Celeb Boutique Body con bandage dress I feel body confident thanks to my best butt workouts as seen in book Best Butt Exercises For Women on Amazon”

News Update: My workouts are strict secret as I am official competitor in UKBFF Bikini class 2013. So its all hush hush on my press, and I have only done five interviews this year 2013 so far, with no new photos, to keep me under wraps for going on stage in August. Watch this space, I have lots of images which will go up inm mind August and of course the competition results. My fitness shoots will update my images and I will look at my best ever!

This was my workout routine for 2012, when I made history as Grid Girl in the BTCC motorsport. I competed with girls half my age. And to be honest, I showed them how its done. Despite the rain at several of the events, I stood in hot pants and lycra, freezing cold in the rain but with a big pouty smile and professional. years of modelling has seen me well prepared.

Day 1 – chest & back after cardio running for 20mins . I lift 4kg to 5kg weights
Rest day
Day 2 – shoulders & biceps after cardio running for 20 mins I lift 4kg to 5 kg weights
Rest day
Day 3 – legs & triceps after cardio running for 20m mins. I lift on the machines 35 kg to 45 kg for legs

So now I have last night started to do deadlifts with weights 20kg bar, for core and it also works all body conditioning too,

My body percentage fat is about 10 percent. I wanted to use running twice a week for twenty minutes as my way of raising cardio levels and keeping toned before my weights workouts.
So I don’t want to over exhaust my body by over-running as I have always had a lean runners body.I don’t want to waste away the muscle gains I got from powerlifting using weights workouts.