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Rachel in Daily Mirror “Dont Hate Us We Dont Have Cellulite” Interview.2006. “I joke to my friends that this is the closest i ever got to Brad Pitt….this was Daily Mirror online the morning the interview came out in press.funny….” Here is copy of the interview on Rachel`s beauty and fitness regime…

Rachel in Daily Mirror – Pic by Bob Powell.”Thank you to Bob for sending me over the pics.Great to shoot with him!”

Psychologies Magazine Feature on “Beauty Backlash”.

Rachel in New Woman March 2006.

Essentials Magazine Oct 2006.Rachel interviewed on “Women We Love Women We Dont”.

Daily Mail 2005 “Spot Your Real Body” Feature on body shapes.

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Rachel says “This was pre my boob job,and although i was happy with my tomboyish figure i did wait till my son was 8 before i did the breast augmentation procedure.One day i thought my body was out of proportion with my newly sculpted muscular size 8 i did something about it.To be in proportion.The surgeon did a great job.”

Rachel interviewed in Essentials Magazine 2005.

Rachel 2005 Daily Mirror,story about being slim “This is the interview where i said i wish to have more womanly curves and have breast augmentation surgery….I grew to dislike my tomboy flat chest.!”
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Making Waves DVD by Director Nic Van Pallandt.R.I.P. Rachel played The Goth character in the opening sequence first scene of the movie. Her scene partner was Craig Henderson, the lead actor.

Rachel was in make up for three hours. On set at 6am. Nina was top notch make up artist who told her ” Rachel , i am going to make you a beautiful goth!” To get into character, Nick the director told Rachel “just speak in a monotone voice….” .

Rachel recalled “I listen and take direction well, so to suppress my girly bubbly personality was hard. I just channelled my graveyard face,thinking of death. It helped me get into the Goth role !” Rachel trained as an actress at the Actors Centre Soho. Her credit is on IMDB.” I see myself as a model and personality who can act a bit!”
God Bless and R.I.P Nick Van Pallandt,the director whose legacy of scripts and movies lives on. Producer David Burns,a friend of Rachel`s and Nick`s, continues to produce movies in honor of Nick.Watch this space for 2011 release of new movie starring Ray Winstone.