Madonna Body

My body and face transformation has been over the last five years. I am inspired by Madonna.

Peoples perceptions of me often come into play nowadays as my fitness internet personality grows.
Looks wise, people often tell me I remind them of Madonna.

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It is a big compliment, although I am not in Madonna`s league. I think it has more to do with the blonde hair and muscle tone and definition we both have as older women over 40.
Madonna inspired me to grow my blonde hair longer, and to achieve the look.
Below, I will tell you my hair style tips. First the pics, then the Know-How!

Madonna has her own stylists and hair people, who use probably curling tongs to get the fuller volume, wavy look she has in the picture here. It`s less time consuming and less damaging to do it – by using hair french braids / plaits. That`s my secret.

It is my all time favorite Madonna hair style.

To achieve the same look, here is what to do:

1) Wash hair and towel dry.(aim for evening before bed hair washing for best results)
2) Apply small amount of Moroccan Hair Oil and / or Serum.(i use both for thicker hair).
(longer hair – mine needs about 5 pumps – a lot but I have thick hair)
3) Comb hair carefully to avoid hair breakage or damage to cuticle.
4) Blow dry hair, aim for around 70 per cent dry.
5) Middle part with comb, your hair (including fringe or layers ) and
section hair off into two sections, parting down back middle.
6) French plait hair so the plait lies nearer the front (not back) of head.
7) Tie both plaits with snag -free elastic bands.(It`s a cute look with long hair!)
8) Next day, wake up hassle – free and simply remove elastics.
9) Shake hair loose and finger comb hair. Or use a wide tooth comb).
9) Spray with a little hairspray – or setting spray.
10) You are good to go! Instant volume wavy hair Madonna – Style!
Madonna-hair without the heat damage of curling irons.

To get my hair looking so healthy and thick I am now using Moroccan Oil. It is expensive around $46 dollars (£29) for 100ml. This product lasts for months and you only need a 5p coin amount for the hair ends. It smells delicious and this keeps the cuticle flat and glossy to avoid frizz.
Madonna once said in an interview that she hated her hair long, was dying to cut it shorter. But she did it for Guy Ritchie her then husband.
I think Madonna suits this hair style the best and it creates a halo of light around her face with the blonde color. Every woman knows that blonde hair is youthful and more flattering against pale (or tanned) skin.
As we age, over 35- we need more of that Halo-light effect around our faces for softening effects. Bridget Bardot, Marylin Munroe and Bette Davis are all film stars who knew this Halo – effect secret for the silver screen close ups. Blonde Rules!
The centre parting is very Madonna, and she celebrates having darker roots. We both have mousey brown hair, so I love to show my roots and get the highlites done every 8 or so weeks. Victoria Secret Models predominantly all strutt down the lingerie catwalk with centre parting flicks and fringes.
Madonna continues to lead the music, fashion and hair-style stakes, and we thank her for that.
i love Dolce Gabanna Red perfume as its strong and floral oriental notes in it.Madonna used it too.
My favorite at the moment in 2012 is Agent Provocateur L`Agent. very sexy.
The stellar songstress has a new perfume out, with my favorite ingredients!
The perfume has top notes of gardenia, tuberose and neroli with base notes of vanilla, amber and musk.

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